Wrestling is not for the faint of heart, neither is this camp! Come push yourself to the next level and learn how the elite in our sport train day to day. You will start everyday with a challenging cardio workout, followed by three daily workouts on the mat that will take your level of training up a notch. You will complete the same workouts our staff has used to help produce NCAA and Olympic Champions! Come learn the way of life a Champion must live! Bring the Intensity and sign up today!

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The history of our great sport proves time and time again…whoever shoots the most usually gets their hand raised. Our takedown clinicians have built established resumes by being some of the most aggressive and skilled attackers in wrestling. Come learn setup-ups, single-legs, high crotches, double-legs, ankle-picks and much, much more from the best! Test yourself at the end of camp with the popular takedown tournament! Sign up today to attack and win today!

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We consider it a compliment when someone says, “You wrestle like a girl!” Come train with other girls who are continuing to push boundaries and advance women’s wrestling. Our girl’s campers will train along side some of the regions best female coaches, along with our entire staff. Every aspect of wrestling will be taught from offense and defense to mat wrestling. We are excited to host this opportunity to learn and further our great sport! Sign up today!

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PIN TO WIN!!! We all train year-round for the opportunity to dominate our opponent; nothing says domination like hearing the referee slap the mat. We will cover multiple pinning combinations and set-ups during instruction, and sharpen those techniques during drilling and live sparring. We will cover transition wrestling from series to series so that you know you can dominate every second of mat wrestling in the future. We will cover tilt series, leg rides, arm bars, two-on-one series and many more. Sign up to dominate today!

Currently there are no upcoming events. Check back soon!

Currently there are no upcoming events. Check back soon!


Group Rate for ALL sessions is $25 off/per camper. Group must consist of 8 or more campers. Please fill out the below form and have your campers fill out the medical waiver & minors release form, located on our forms tab. Please email the completed below form to Kala Ibarra at rosselliwrestling@gmail.com by June 10. Kala will respond with your total and an address to send the check for the group. If you have questions, please contact Kala.



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